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RetailRadio - Musical arrangement.
Background music. Centralized broadcasting in the trading floor 


Sooner or later, all business owners, marketing departments or retail advertisers face the question: “How do we musically decorate a store, cafe, restaurant, salon, supermarket, shopping center?!”.».

There is an obvious answer to this question - Retail Radio. It is a centralized broadcasting service for your establishment. Here we offer a wide selection of music for restaurants, shops, cafes, salons, supermarkets. Music without copyright infringement, licensed, copyrighted, popular, background, instrumental.

The service allows you to broadcast music collections, arrange advertisements in a certain sequence with a given frequency.

In order for you to appreciate online radio, we invite you to register on our website and test the service for three days, with the possibility of placing ads and broadcasting in your establishments. And if you do not currently have an agreement with a collective management organization, we have already provided the "Music" catalog as a trial playlist, for which you do not have to pay.  

Music for supermarkets, stores, sports clubs, beauty salons, shopping malls, entertainment centers and so on